Tried And Tested Black Men Beard Care Tips

From the very beginning facial hair have been a real point of concern for men. While beard adds a lot of character to a man’s face, if properly groomed it looks sexy like hell too! Growing beard and grooming it properly come with many challenges, especially if you are an African American or black man. The tightly coiled nature of black hair makes it quite hard for black men to maintain their beard. So, should you get over your beard dreams? Not if you follow this tried and tested black men beard care tips!

1. Proper Cleaning Is Important: Would you go on without cleaning your hair? No, right? Same goes for facial hair. Cleaning the bread regularly with a natural shampoo can go a long way in keeping your beard in their best health.

Clean Your Beards

While there are specialized bread care shampoos available in the market, most guys use the regular hair shampoo for cleaning their beard. Here, you need to be a bit careful. If you are using a chemical shampoo, using that on your facial area can cause excessive dryness and itching. So, even if you are not going for a fancy beard shampoo, go for a natural one to avoid dryness.

2. Let Them Grow: Before you start thinking about styling your beard, let it grow steadily for at least 4 weeks. Why so long? Well, the coiled nature of the black hair, makes it pretty impossible to style the bread unless and until its a bit long. So, keep your patience and let it grow first and then go for any styles you like. On the website betrendsetter, you can find some great ideas about trendy beard styles for black men.

3. Use Beard Conditioner: This is one of the most important black men beard care tips that you must follow. As mentioned earlier, black men tend to have drier hair and beard than the rest. Thus, it is highly important to lock the moisture in after washing. Using a conditioner would not only keep your beard moist, but also soften the beard up which in turn would help you in styling it.

4. Brush Your Beard Religiously: Well, this tip applies to all. Brushing your is one of the most basic beard care tips. While most men go for fancy products and spend money on styling gels, more often than not they forget the most basic step. Brushing your hair well every single day would remove any tangles and dirt while helping in better blood circulation in the area.

5. Get Specialized Beard Brush & Comb: If you think the hair bush is good enough to brush your beard, then it is not! Get a broad toothed beard brush to remove the tangles and a strong but gentle bread comb to style it. While choosing the brush and comb, go for a quality product.

6. Beard Oil: If you have unusually thin beard or if your beard is extra dry, then using a beard oil is a must for you. There are many good quality beard oils available in the market today. For best results go for one that has unrefined jojoba and argan oil. You can also apply pure argan oil for added softness.

7. Never Use Synthetic Styling Products: Well, there are many styling products available in the market today. So, if you are thinking about going for one of those, stay far far away from the synthetic ones. These all chemical products would do nothing but increase the dryness and make your beard unmanageable. You can go for natural products that have shea/cocoa butter or bee wax.

So, these are the most important black man beard care tips that you need to follow. These tips will help you grow a healthy beard and style it the way you want it.

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