Has Megan Fox Had Plastic Surgery?

Megan Fox is an American actress and model who has been compared on several occasions to Angelina Jolie because of her looks. The Megan Fox plastic surgery talks are certainly easy to justify given the fact that they speak for themselves.

Megan Fox plastic surgery

Unlike a number of young celebrities who have had people guessing whether or not they opted for a little help from the doctor, Megan’s evidence lies directly in her looks.

Megan Fox’s plastic surgery story is a sad tale of a young beauty who opted to start having plastic surgery before her time and thinly fell short of massively disastrous results.

Megan Fox’s Breakout Role

Megan has had a fairly successful role as an actress with some significant, successful roles. Many people remember her appearing on Hope and Faith where she was just another regular beauty.


Her breakout role came in the action film Transformers where she appeared alongside Shia LeBoeuf. Having appeared in magazines like Rolling Stone, FHM and Maxim, she is regarded in many quarters as being a typical example of the modern-day sex symbol.

Megan Fox’s Rhinoplasty

This is perhaps the most preferred plastic surgery procedure by many celebrities; male and female alike. Megan Fox was not to be left out of the craze because clearly, has nose has been touched up by a plastic surgeon.

Megan Fox nose job

While it can be argued that her rhinoplasty did not go as awry as the other plastic surgery procedures that she did, it nevertheless is very easy to see. Her nose is slimmer and has a more defined bridge. The rhinoplasty has definitely altered her facial appearance which would have been more glowing had it not been for the disastrous Botox she turned towards at a young age.

Megan Fox’s Botox Injections

When Megan Fox burst into the entertainment scene, she was a naturally striking face, though she had a noticeable problem with acne. At some point, it was noticed that the actress’ skin got tighter and displayed a lot of youthfulness much as she can still claim to be young compared to many other sexy actresses in Hollywood.

Megan Fox and Scarlett Johansson

Hers was definitely a case of a very high dose of Botox and she almost fell in the way of those whose faces lose emotion after their skin tightening ventures go awry. Over the years, she has applied tons of makeup to hide her acne and this sometimes makes her disastrous Botox story easy to tell.

Megan Fox’s Lip Fillers

Pundits and fans have also questioned the sudden thickening of Megan Fox’s lips which was previously not the case. Much as she has not come out in the open to confirm the numerous Megan Fox Plastic surgery stories that have taken the internet by storm on many occasions, it is clear that the actress also sought fillers to plump-up her lips.

Megan Fox lips

This is even more evident when you compare her photos as a charming innocent girl just discovering Hollywood to those she has taken wearing very bright lipstick.

Megan Fox Cheek Implants

Cheek implants as a plastic surgery choice are chosen by those who wish to change the character of their faces. They are usually hard to ignore, even if they are inserted expertly and successfully.

Megan Fox Cheek Implants

Megan Fox clearly had cheek implants inserted because her cheeks look plumper and more delicate than we can remember during her younger years.

While Megan Fox might have taken a break from intensive public appearances, especially around the time she was expecting her second child, the few times she has been spotted indicate the she still has her sexy groove! There have been claims that some of the temporary, short-term procedures she chose have started wearing thin; like the Botox and fillers.

Fans can only hope that she will remember the word “moderation” the next time she decides to slap her plastic surgeon with a healthy check. Even better, let us hope that she changes surgeons because the last one did not do a very nice job. That being said, fans are hopeful that she is just days away from her next, big-budget, successful movie role that has been overdue!

Personal Details:

Full Name: Megan Denise Fox
Net Worth: $5 million
Occupation: Actress and Model
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Separated

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