Louri Loughlin – A Success Story In Laser Surgery

Another celebrity who has perhaps been in news for many wrong reasons is Louri Loughlin. Though she indeed is a big celebrity in her own rights, she has courted controversies on many occasions. This apart, she is without doubt a big name and has quite a few achievements in her name, during her career.

The Full House Series of the 80s and 90s still are fresh in the minds of the people who watched the same, during those days. Apart from her success and controversies, there is no doubt that she is very good looking and sexy. She is taking lot of pains to maintain her looks; there is no doubt about that.

If one looks at her forehead now and before, there is reason to believe that she has undergone a full course of botox treatment. Though she is not very young, her forehead and other parts of our face look extremely fresh, smooth and young.

Apart from botox, she has also undergone a full process of face lift, which again is evident from the way her face looks now, when compared to what it was 10 years ago. She also must have gone through a minor surgery to her eyelids, which are also evident from the way she looks.

Louri Loughlin

Looking at another celebrity, there is reason to believe that Jang Geun Suk has also had quite a few occasions where his face and other parts of the body have come under the scalpel. It is not to cure him of any illness but to improve his looks and appearances. He has taken a lot of pains to give a new look to his nose and it is there for all to see. His nose was very thin and now, after the nasal surgery, it looks a bit fuller, but still there is quite a few miles to go.

Taking cue from the changes in appearances of many of these celebrities, it is now becoming very common for many of us to look for such surgeries. For example, breast implants are now becoming common for many women. However, it has to be done very carefully, after taking into account various disadvantages as well as advantages attached with it. It could cause rejections and if it happens it might cause serious problems. There could be the risk of infections, which also must be factored in before going in for such procedures.

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