Top 3 Reasons to Wash Your Hair Less

Just in case you were feeling like you were just unmotivated to keep up with your beauty routine I am here to give you a boost and tell you that it’s actually really a good thing you haven’t washed your hair in two days!

I was always one of those women that wanted to do the “wash my hair once a week” routines but just couldn’t bring myself to get through the first week or two, that is until I had a child! While I wash my hair every other day instead of once a week it is still a step in the right direction. Here are my three reasons you should definitely wash your hair less:

Money Saver

If you enjoy the finer things in life then you are probably spending some extra money on either all natural or high-end salon shampoos and conditioners.

Washing your hair

Either way, why would you want to throw your money down the drain (literally) if you don’t have to? Washing your hair less means your hair products will last even longer! Sounds like a good reason to me to skip a day or two of washing my hair.

Time Saver

Now that I have a 5 month old (yes, she’s really 20 weeks old!!) mornings can be a challenge. Even if I can get sweet little baby S to be content for 20 minutes she usually starts fussing as soon as I step out of the shower to dry my hair. For that reason I genuinely look forward to my day two (and sometimes three) when I can just step out of the shower, do my 3 minute makeup job and get dressed.

It’s Simply More Healthy

Your hair will thank you when you have gotten down a good routine. Instead of wasting money stripping your hair and scalp of all of its natural oils you will start to see beautiful, voluminous and healthy hair.

Not to mention if you are not one to use more natural shampoos and conditioners then the less time you spend with these chemicals soaking into your scalp the better it is for your overall health in general!

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