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Has Megan Fox Had Plastic Surgery?

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Megan Fox lips

Megan Fox is an American actress and model who has been compared on several occasions to Angelina Jolie because of her looks. The Megan Fox plastic surgery talks are certainly easy to justify given the fact that they speak for themselves.

Megan Fox plastic surgery

Unlike a number of young celebrities who have had people guessing whether or not they opted for a little help from the doctor, Megan’s evidence lies directly in her looks.

Megan Fox’s plastic surgery story is a sad tale of a young beauty who opted to start having plastic surgery before her time and thinly fell short of massively disastrous results.

Megan Fox’s Breakout Role

Megan has had a fairly successful role as an actress with some significant, successful roles. Many people remember her appearing on Hope and Faith where she was just another regular beauty. Continue reading

4 Celebrities Before and After Plastic Surgery Stories

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Hollywood places a lot of pressure on its stars and they try desperately to remain relevant in the industry and secure acting roles, which are heavily dependent on their looks.

The usual mantra is that ‘It’s a young man’s game’, forcing a large number celebrities to go under the surgical knife more often than they may desire. Here are four celebrities before and after plastic surgery stories that might fascinate you.

1. Sylvester Stallone

Looking at pictures of “Sly” Sylvester Stallone from his “Rambo” and “Rocky” days right down to his “Expendables” movie franchise.

Sylvester Stallone plastic surgery

You can see slight modifications to his facial features, now I use the word ‘slight’, because while he still looks like the older version of the Sly we all know and love, there are still some nagging questions that one cannot help but ask after looking at his old and recent pictures. Continue reading